FTS Combi Fountain Pump 2500

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Brand:  FTS
Product Code:  FTS2500CP
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The FTS Combi Fountain Pumps come with a unique pre filter with removable side panels and are suitable for fountain, waterfall & filter use. For fountain use the plastic panels are kept in place on the the outer casing and only let particles of 1mm to 2mm through, which avoids the fountain jet from clogging. For waterfall and filter use the outer panels are removed, the pump then lets through soft solids up to 8mm. FTS Combi Fountain Pumps are German engineered and have been manufactured using the highest quality components

  • Multi use pumps for fountain, waterfalls and filters.
  • 4 x Fountain nozzles
  • Telescopic extension with swivel joint
  • Multi-stage hose tail 1/2” 3/4” & 1”
  • 10m of cable
  • Energy efficient motors with thermal cut out
  • Guarantee of 2 Year

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